Wheelchairs at RPI Medical

Power Wheel Chairs

Quickie® G-424
The center-wheel drive design of the Quickie® G-424 delivers an extremely maneuverable and stable ride. Tight turning radius and a 25" width allow access to confined areas. Forward pitching and rocking are eliminated with the articulating, constant-contact casters and the unique six-wheel suspension. The color-infused body is extremely durable and will look great for years to come.

Quickie® S-525
Modularity is the essence of the Quickie® S-525. Custom build this chair from the ground up. Start with the power base, and then select the most appropriate seating options according to the rider's needs. The Quickie® S-525's modular design allows it to fit a person's body and their lifestyle.

The Quickie® V-521
The Quickie® V-521 offers a unique combination of style, portability and function. Reinforced oval aluminum tubing makes the design both attractive and extremely durable. The battery pack can be quickly removed, allowing the chair to be easily folded and stowed for travel. This robust transportable chair provides a power option for any budget.

Power 9000
Until the Invacare Power 9000 power chair, the typical economy chair provided only the basics. But, the Invacare Power 9000 combines economy with style. Function with features. Utility with performance. It offers everything discriminating consumers are looking for in a power chair, at an affordable price, including the clean, sleek styling characteristic of the Storm Series and a quiet, efficient, reliable drive. For smooth response, we offer the MKIV-RII electronic control system. Couple these features with options, colors, and simple transportability, and it is easy to see how we're breaking the rules of the economy chair class. The Invacare Power 9000 was designed to fold and disassemble into manageable components. The electronic system does not require disassembly from the frame, greatly simplifying the disassembly process.

  • Folds to narrow 13in for transport
  • In-line casters improve indoor maneuverability
  • Desk- or full-length arms and adjustable back height from 16in - 20in
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • MKIV-RII control system

Jazzy 1120
The Jazzy 1120 is the most versatile Jazzy available. It offers all of the standard features of the Jazzy 1100 and comes equipped with the enhanced Active-Trac suspension that allows for superior outdoor performance, including 4-inch curb-climbing capability! Standard manual, height-adjustable front anti-tips can be raised to more smoothly negotiate rough or uneven terrain offering the greatest balance and stability of any power chair in the industry.

The new Jazzy 1143 Mighty is designed for excellent indoor maneuverability and outstanding outdoor capability.
The Jazzy 1143 presents 12" drive wheels for enhanced outdoor performance and a 300 lb. weight capacity. Combining patented mid-wheel drive performance and maneuverability with a turning radius of only 18", the Jazzy 1143 Mighty is the ultimate indoor/outdoor Power Chair.