Wheelchairs at RPI Medical


The UVL®

The UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift, offers an innovative solution to your personal mobility. For the first time, van owners can enjoy a completely unobstructed side doorway for ambulatory access the way it was meant to be. With the lift mounted underneath the vehicle, it remains out of sight and out of your way until it is needed. This means easy access, a clear side view and maximum interior space - something your friends and family will appreciate on every trip.
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The Braun Millennium Series™—

The Millennium Series' flexible design can be installed in a wide variety of new and existing full-size vans. This includes vans without raised doors or tops, providing you with a van option that can still fit in the garage and accommodate most wheelchair sizes.


The lift and wheelchair fit snugly in your van.  In some instances, rear-seats may remain in the van.
You don't need to struggle any longer to get your wheelchair in and out of your van or minivan. The Wheelchair-Lifter Models AWL-150 raises a wheelchair vertically into the rear door of your full-size van or minivan, all at the touch of a button.  Plus, Bruno’s Wheelchair-Lifter Model AWL-100 can lift and store your wheelchair into the trunk of a car. 
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The Scooter-Lift Jr. lift is electrically powered from the vehicle's battery. Simply press a button on the controller and the Scooter-Lift Jr. raises and lowers your scooter, effortlessly.
Bruno's Scooter-Lift Jr. can be adapted to operate in station wagons and hatchbacks. This versatility can provide a significant benefit when a new vehicle purchase is not in your budget.


Bruno's Curb-Sider can end the struggle of trying to manually lift and store a scooter in your van or minivan. The Bruno Curb-Sider was designed to fit most types of vans, minivans, sport utility vehicles and pickups with caps. Plus, the Curb-Sider can be adapted for use with some types of power wheelchairs, increasing its versatility.


Now you can lift your scooter weighing up to 400 pounds and place them in the rear of most vans, minivans and sport utility vehicles.
The Bruno Big-Lifter is electrically powered from the vehicle's battery.
Simply press a button on the controller and the Big-Lifter™ raises and lowers your fully assembled power chair weighing up to 300 pounds, allowing you to manually swing it in or out of the vehicle. Minimum strength is required.


Lets you carry your scooter fully assembled and keeps your trunk space available for other things.
The Out-Sider III® is simple to operate. Just turn the key and move the control lever to the position marked ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN. The unit automatically lifts and lowers the scooter, as well as raising and lowering the hold-tite lock-down mechanism.